UnHeim, located in Downtown Los Angeles, is the complete design firm, encompassing interiors, landscape, and architectural design.

We can help you realize your cherished dream by overseeing everything from beginning to end--from planning the basic concept all the way through choosing the right lighting to illuminate those fabulous drapes, designing a custom-made desk, or arranging for specially printed fine stationary.

Whether you are planning to move into a downtown loft, looking to upgrade your family home or building a celebrity estate in the Hollywood Hills, our experienced and personable staff can deliver results. Our brief encompasses remodels, factory conversions, commercial developments, and luxury dwellings. The aim is to build useable spaces that function well and look smart.

Establishing a good working relationship with clients is our number one concern. We are open to your special needs on a case-by-case basis, whether you want to employ us as a consultant, take a more collaborative approach, or leave it to us to arrive at the perfect solution. Whatever the assignment, we welcome input at every step in the design process. Our priority is helping you fashion your own unique look and identity.

Lastly and most importantly, we pride ourselves on completing a project on time and on budget. We are able to do this by employing contractors with a solid footing in the construction sciences and a strong work ethic.
MICAH HEIMLICH graduated from the Department of Architecture at Clemson University, South Carolina in 1998. After relocating to Los Angeles the same year, he worked at the Culver City studio of architect Eric Owen Moss, the Beverly Hills office of landscape architect Dan Busbin, and then for the internationally renowned designer Paul Fortune. His work also extends to graphic design for the contemporary art magazines Art & Text and artUS.
PAUL FOSS was born in Sydney, Australia. A notable translator, writer, and book collector, he is the former publisher and editor of Art & Text and artUS magazines. He recently contributed to the anthology Pierre Klossowski, Living Currency (2017).